Personal Trainer (Part-Time)

Most personal trainers work in a gym or fitness centre and have their program design and delivery dictated by the facility… basically the real creativity and science to getting someone results, in someone else's hands.

At Omni Studios Personal Training, we believe that Personal Trainers are the energy that binds the clients to the facility, and as such, they are trained to achieve a lot more than just customer results: as part of the OmniPT family, you won’t just be the classic Personal Trainer.

It’s about bringing out the best in you and feeding that passion, to provide results to the clients in a fun, infectious, motivating and yet scientific manner.

During your day-to-day operations, you will also:

  • Become skilled in connecting with clients
  • Learn how to perform client assessment reports and to see things before they happen
  • Understand what it’s like for a client to undertake a journey into self-discovery
  • Embark on a journey yourself, learning to look within, to become the best version of yourself, being coachable and learning on the job to be the best Fitness Coach you can be.

Your duties:

Don’t worry: everything will become clear as soon as you start and you will be taught as things arise. Obviously, Personal Trainers:

  • Meet with clients before they begin working with them
  • They have a clear understanding of the client's goal, like fat loss, weight loss or gaining muscle mass
  • Educating and inspiring clients to consistently commitment to them and their goals

Personal Trainers also:

  • Create and design customised workout plans for their clients, based on their goals.
  • Have strong observation and give ESSENTIAL client support to deliver the results, while ensuring exercises are performed safely all the times.
  • Give lifestyle suggestions, when they are relevant to the fitness plan.
  • Perform initial assessments to set an initial baseline
  • Perform reviews and tests to record improvement in fitness and physical changes
  • Have fun and delivery huge motivation and creativity

This is not just a job… IT’S A PASSION AND A WAY OF LIFE.


If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and jump-start your personal training, coaching ambitions without having to become a sales representative and finding clients for yourself, we are looking for people like you, who you are willing to grow and evolve on the job; willing to apply your degree in Sport and Exercise Science (or similar) to create a program that will deliver outstanding results to the clients... And who will allow being mentored by senior coaches. You’ll have a chance to make an impact in people’s lives, acting as an accountability partner for the clients.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, get in touch now and let’s chat. You have one shot to jump-start your career and discover yourself in the process!

The facility is also open to take on-board recent graduates, new qualified PTs or those seeking a change of environment (yet are not lazy in their application).

Sport Sciences or related qualifications are ESSENTIAL (please do not apply if you are unqualified).

Your CV must stand out and be an expression of who you really are.